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The Curriculum at Wootton-By-Woodstock School

Curriculum Intent

At Wootton by Woodstock Primary School we provide an engaging and responsive curriculum that provides children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to prepare themselves for life beyond the classroom.

We place importance on experiences and opportunities to broaden the children’s understanding of the wider curriculum and have a rich variety of trips, visits and educational experiences planned into our whole school curriculum.

Our 3 core curriculum values are centred around curiosity, creativity and independence.

For children this means that we recognise the importance of:

  • Being curious: asking questions, being an active learner and using enquiry skills to learn and discover more
  • Being creative: valuing The Arts as a vehicle to learning about life beyond the classroom and local community, developing resilience through learning and practising skills.
  • Being independent: challenging thinking, transferring knowledge and skills learnt between curriculum subjects, demonstrating good learning behaviours and understanding when collaboration with other is valuable

These core curriculum values are underpinned by three key drivers to our whole school curriculum. We place importance on these key areas as a vehicle to all learning in the curriculum.

Wootton-By-Woodstock School has created a curriculum which is designed to engage, inspire and educate pupils through practical first hand experiences. Using parent and pupil feedback, and the objectives provided from the National Curriculum 2014, topic plans have been carefully constructed to provide effective learning for mixed age classes. For many topics pupils will participate in visits, receive speakers and also work with sports coaches, historians, scientists and community members. Much of the learning is personalised and pupils are encouraged to be active learners who think about how they learn as well as what they learn.


What is the Curriculum?

The ‘curriculum’ is all the learning and experiences, which schools provide for pupils, ensuring that they have opportunities to grow in:
• knowledge and understanding
• competence in a wide range of skills
• personal qualities, values and attitudes.


How the Curriculum is Provided

• subject lessons
• classroom topics
• activities outside the classroom
• the values promoted by the school and its community.

The school also recognises that teaching and learning takes place during worship and this helps to nurture an ethos in which effective education can take place.


Woodstock Partnership of Schools Curriculum

The framework for the new national curriculum shared by all Woodstock Partnership schools, outlines what will be taught across the primary years and is available below:

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Download the Document [973.22 KB]

Curriculum Policies

Please see our school Curriculum Policy, Subject Policies and Assessment Policies on our Policies & Procedures page.

Curriculum Provision

Please click on the subject icons below to visit our curriculum subject pages:



The Long Term Plans



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Class Curriculum Overviews

Please click on the links below to view our classes curriculum letters and maps:




Further Information

For further details of the school curriculum please contact the school office so that you may be directed to the right person.