Our DT curriculum is designed to be practical and inspiring.

We want to prepare our children to be successful in later life through giving them the opportunity and experience of solving real life problems now in context.

Through the planned DT curriculum children will use their knowledge and experience to design, make and evaluate a product using their practical skills, and will work independently and collaboratively on meaningful projects that are linked to the real world in which they live.


Our DT curriculum focuses on the development of essential knowledge and progression of key skills across the school.

The curriculum is split into 4 stages – EYFS, KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2 and Years 1 to 6 work on a 2-year rolling programme highlighting areas of study to be revisited.

Each project from Year 1 to Year 6 is designed to be practical and allows for progression across year groups in all areas of DT (textiles, mechanisms, structures, food, and electrical systems).

Teachers are given flexibility to adapt projects to suit their pupils’ interests and to block lessons to give children time to be creative and reflect upon their work using technical language.

In EYFS pupils explore and use a variety of media and materials through a combination of child initiated, adult initiated and adult directed activities.

They have the opportunities to learn to: