In the event that the school has to close due to inclement weather, snow or any other issue, information will be made available on the Oxfordshire County Council school closures page which you can access here.

We will aim to keep school open unless staffing is so short that it would not be safe or weather warnings suggest that to do so would risk pupils and staff being stranded or placed at unreasonable risk. The procedure will also apply if heating has broken down or another emergency affects staffing or premises.

A member of staff will be in school to answer phones but as transport operators or others may be trying to contact us please listen to the radio and check the county website if the phone is engaged.

A core team of local staff will be in school. Some living at a greater distance or who travel via country roads are advised to delay travelling until it is clear that school will be open and they will be needed.

Closures will also be announced during the breakfast shows on BBC Radio Oxford (95.2 FM), Heart FM (102.6 or 97.4 FM), Glide (107.9 FM), Banbury Sound (107.6 FM) and Jack FM (106.8 FM).

If school is closed due to an emergency then pupils/parents will be able to access home learning from Google Classrooms.